Saturday, January 1, 2011

I have an idea...

Outside of my school, there is this area that is unused. It is a pentagon-ish shape surrounded by sidewalk and covered walkway. There are some bushes and trees growing there, as well as weeds. In different years, people have tried to plant flowers and other greenery, but unfortunately, it is very hard to find someone who can consistently take of the plants, so they always die. The grass grows really tall and the children run through the area in the morning. I was planning today for my 4th graders. I am planning a unit using the artist Joe Sam, who paints as well as creates sculptures.
Seeing his sculptures, it got me to thinking about turning this unused space into our own sculpture garden. We already have one sculpture there, the Chihuly inspired chandelier, which I keep putting off taking down.
So I am considering proposing this to my principal. I really want the related arts that we offer at Lakeview to be the main focus, since we are so often left out. I have been researching ideas, and have gotten some good ones, like this sculpture created from sports equipment
So what do you think? Any ideas or suggestions for possible sculptures?