Sunday, March 13, 2011

Trolling for lessons...

So now that my student teacher is gone, I know have to get back into the swing of things, and start teaching again. This last week was my first week back, but we had practice TCAP testing two days, and it was also the last week of the 9 weeks, so I was grading everything they did with Ms. Cupp. So this is a great time to plan for the next 9 weeks. One of the ways that I like to look for lessons is to cruise some of the other art teacher blogs out there. I usually head over to my friend's blog, and check out his blog roll on the side (I also sneak a peek to see where my blog is on the list, usually at the bottom the last couple of months!). I found 2 really interesting lessons that I think I will use for my 4th and 5th graders. The first one is at (also known as Mrs. Knight's Smartest Artists). While glancing through her blog, I noticed this picture
I love this project! It is eye-catching and I am tired of teaching one point perspective using buildings. It is also a great way to add in some tips on shading. I think that I am going to try this lesson with my 4th graders, using complimentary colors. I will post pictures when we are done with them.
The other lesson I found very interesting is from (For the Love of Art)
I really like the visual texture that is created with the designs in the squares, and the fact that this projects incorporates technology, which is always welcome, even in a room that doesn't have a lot of technology. My 5th graders will be trying this lesson out, and hopefully they will have as much success as these students did!

On a side note, I have decided to add a blog roll to my blog, and if you would like me to add your blog, just add your link in the comments, and I will add them. This way it helps us both out, your blog will have another place to be seen, and I won't have to go far to troll for lessons! :)

(both pictures on this post are not my own, but have been taken from the blogs listed, to read more about these lessons, please click on the links above)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

It's been two months...

I know that I haven't been blogging lately, as my friend Ted has reminded me over and over (see Ted, I'm doing it, so back off :P) but there are a multitude of reasons, the biggest one is that I have had a student teacher since January. I have been very lucky that Tanya Cupp had been assigned to me, and while she has done some amazing lessons, I felt that I didn't want to "steal her thunder" and blog about her lessons. That being said, I do have one item about having a student teacher to share with you. If you don't know me, I am very mischievous (in a good way, that is!) I love to play harmless jokes on people, and many times I get the kids to help me pull one over on their teacher. In the past, I have gift wrapped a desk, taped a doorway, hung keys from the ceiling, and so on. All in the name of good fun, I will not play a joke on someone who will not be a good sport. Back in January, when Ms. Cupp and I were getting to know one another, the subject of gnomes came up, and she offhandedly remarked that gnomes creep her out. Well, I filed that little nugget of information away and waited for the best time to use this in a moment of mischievousness, which came on her last day at Lakeview. One of my best friends, Lori, has a four year old that is in the Pre-K program here, and with her permission, I borrowed him for a few minutes. With the help of scissors, construction paper, pipe cleaners and hot glue, I had a do-it-yourself gnome that was perfect for holding the little cake I had gotten to give to Ms. Cupp as a going away present. You should have seen the look on her face when she walked in the door!
I should also note here that I have gotten permission from my friend Lori to use her son's picture on my blog. This is a must if you are posting pictures of children on the internet.