Wednesday, April 13, 2011

One Point Perspective

So, a couple of posts ago, I explained how I like to look at other people's blogs to see what they are doing and "borrow" ideas to use in my classroom. I found a really cool picture at and commented that I was planning on teaching this lesson to my fourth graders. Well, my fourth graders LOVED it! They were very excited and it was a great way for them to relax before the big TCAP testing that is starting today in Metro. Here are a few pictures of the finished projects in the hallway, and a few close-ups of some exceptional ones.

We used markers for the base color (for example, in the ones above , they used marker for the blue and red), and then used colored pencils to shade in the edges.

Mayor's Art Show

Every year in Nashville, the Frist Center is host to the Mayor's Art Show. Each school in Metro chooses 2 artworks from each grade level to represent the school, and the artwork is hung in the Frist Center. There are so many schools in Metro that they have to have 2 sessions of the show, and my school was in the first section. Since we have 2 art teachers at the school, I pick one artwork from each grade level, and the other art teacher does as well. Everything is matted in black and backed with foam core, labeled and hung up. Here is what Lakeview Design Center put in the show.

I also take this time to look at what other schools are doing, and "borrow ideas." I found some great ones that I will share with you soon.