Wednesday, June 8, 2011

New room and color!

So, in the last post, I told everyone that I was moving to a new classroom. While most art teachers would probably dread this, I actually was excited. I needed a change, and a new room fit the bill! When my principal told me that I was moving, she asked me not to bother the teacher that was currently in the room (5th grade teacher), so I snuck in one day after school to get a look at the room. I decided that the first thing that I would have to do was to paint. The walls were originally Navajo white, which in and of itself is not a horrible color, but is too boring for my art room. Plus, it looked like there were multiple layers of paint on the wall, and they were not consistent in any stretch of the immagination. You could see every touch up and everywhere it still needed to be done. So off to the various home improvement stores I went to get tons of paint samples.
I finally chose two blues, Windjammer and Ocean Blue (which are the second and fourth on the card above). I know that these are some intense colors, but my last room was a bright obnoxious form of lime green called gecko green, so no one can say that I am afraid of a little color. I had to wait until after school ended for the year to start painting. Our last day was Thursday, June 2, and I showed up bright and early at 7 am on the 3rd to start painting. Thankfully my friend Karee came to help on Friday, but I did have to come back on Saturday as well. My friend Ted (artwithmre) came to help on Saturday, and I finally finished painting around 8 pm that day. I have a few pictures, although not any whole room pics, since there are still boxes in the middle of the room that belong to the teacher that is moving out, but what do you think of the color?

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