Sunday, August 14, 2011

Bulletin Boards

On one wall in my classroom, I have a long bulletin board that I have split into smaller boards. The first picture is of the entire board. On one end, I have used part of the Crystal Production elements of art and principles of design card. On the other end, I used the rest of them. In between, I have my No-no board, which lists the things that I don't want to see in my students artwork. The Artists in Action board is blank for right now. I plan on taking pictures of my students at work, and post them on the board.

Above the board, I have made "shape monsters/aliens". I cut out large shapes, and added eyes and mouths. Then I cut the letters of the words out and laminated them.

Above the cubbies that are attached to the original chalkboard in the room is a markerboard that is kind of silly. It is above the cubbies, and I would have to stand on a chair or step stool to reach it, so I have turned it into my rule board. It says: Out of this world artists... are kind, put their name on their paper, use inside voices, follow all directions, use supplies carefully, stay in their seat and raise their hand. Do You???" On my paper cabinet I have put my behavior board which says "Spacing out?" There are 28 pockets that correspond to the 28 seats in my classroom. Whenever a student misbehaves, I pull one of their cards. They start on green, and can move to blue, yellow, red and no card with appropriate consequences for each.
Outside of the art room, I have put up some displays. On my door, I have used black paper to cover the door, and used my cricut to cut out the words "Please excuse the mess. The children are making MASTERPIECES!" It is simple, but I like it a lot. There is a bulletin board outside the room that I have been put in charge of. While searching Pinterest, I came across a great bulletin board that I decided to recreate.

And finally, Ted (Mr. E) also gave me the words and stars from his art show last year, so I put them on another wall, which gives me 4 walls to use as display space.


Angie said...

Oh, THANK you for the behavior bulletin board idea. So doing that!!!!! I have been trying to figure out how I was going to keep track of hundreds of students changing colors, etc.

mrspicasso said...

I love your borders! I am assuming you cut them yourself. (?) So simple and yet, what an impact!


Janet Malone said...

@Denise... Yes, I cut the borders myself. I just chunked the paper into fun shapes and then overlapped them.

BowronFamily said...

Hey! My boys Hunter & Grayson Bowron absolutely LOVE your art class! They get so excited when it's their day to go to Art, it's all they talk about on the ride to school! Thank you for being such an awesome teacher, please know that all of your hard work is very appreciated. Let me know if I can ever be of any help! :)

Mrs. Forney said...

You reminded me about the door decorating from Nashville! I miss that. In Ohio, we are not permitted to hang anything on the doors - fire hazard. Blah!