Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Texture Hamburgers

While browsing on Pinterest, I came across a fantastic idea found here
I thought this project was great, and filed it away until I found the right time and grade level to do it with. Finally, it was the right time. This 9 weeks, the kindergarteners have been working on textures. We have talked about both tactile and visual textures, and worked with crayon rubbings, and clay that we pressed textures into. I finally decided to pull this project out, although I did change it slightly. The project above revolved around both the favorite foods of the students as well as the texture, but I wanted my students to focus on just the texture aspect of the project. So I went through all of my cupboards and pulled out all sorts of goodies.
I had some dries split peas, cheerios, fuzzy yarn, some plastic "beads" (not really beads, but not sure what they really are, they were donated), rope, crepe paper, paper crinkles, beads, bubble wrap, and a product called Plox, which I had ordered last year from Dick Blick, and hadn't done anything with yet. Plox is a finely shredded paper product for collages, the kids loved it. I put all of the supplies on an empty table, gave the students empty cups to carry their supplies in, as well as the paper "buns" and brown construction paper. Then I let them go at it. It was slightly messy, but the kids were very excited, and when some of the students told their teachers what they were doing, I had one teacher show up to make her own!
Now that my supply of "goodies" has been depleted, I will need to start saving for next year, since I am definitely doing this project again. It really pushed the concept of texture home with the students.


Mrs. C said...

I love these!!! Thanks for sharing! :)

Ms. Scott said...

This looks like so much fun! I will definitely have to try it when we talk about actual texture!

Shawsha (The Art Teacher Lady)

Summer_Dahlia said...

What a great way to use up little bits of textured materials!