Saturday, August 7, 2010

I have a very colorful classroom. A couple years ago I was asked to move classrooms, and I agreed as long as I got to paint my new one. I proceeded to paint it a very bright and somewhat obnoxious green -with the thought that if another teacher couldn't stand the color, I might not have to move classrooms again:) Anyways, after painting the room "Gecko Green", maintenance workers came to my room to fix a crack in the wall. After they were done, I had a green wall that was smeared with white caulk. Not a problem (or so I thought) and I proceeded to paint over the caulk, and the paint beaded right up and rolled off. It is two years later, and I still have a green wall smeared with white. Normally I cover it up with vines and leaves (for a jungle theme), but this year I had a parent who introduced me to some amazing material. It is called sintra, and it is a type of pvc plastic that is in sheet form. You can cut, mold, drill, sand, sculpt, and paint it. I got a 4x8' sheet for about $25 and using a small saw, cut out flower petals and centers. I then boiled the shapes in water and formed them into interesting curves and shapes (you can also use an embossing or heat gun) and spray painted them. When dry, I hot glued the pieces together and then glued them over the annoying white caulk. I see lots of future projects coming to life in the art room! Thank you Lori, for introducing me to sintra!


Kathy said...

Great solution to an ugly problem!

Michelle said...

I looked at those today and wondered what they were made of. Really interesting and versatile material.

-Michelle N.