Saturday, August 14, 2010

Substitute lesson plans for the art room....

I was just working on my sub folder for the art room, and thought that I would share what my sub folder entails with everyone. Located within my sub folder are of course all of my class lists and seating charts. On each class list, I highlight any helpful students, as well as any students that may pose a problem. A map of the school and emergency procedures is also helpful. On the map, I point out the adult restrooms, cafeteria, teacher's lounge, etc. A copy of my discipline plan is a necessity as well. After that, I place my lesson plans.
I personally do not like to have the subs that are in my room continue with whatever lessons that I am working on with my students. I have had many projects ruined because a sub thought that they knew what they were doing. Instead, I have some generic lessons that any grade level could draw. These are the ones that are in my sub folder this year:

  1. Pretend that you have been shipwrecked on a deserted island. Draw a picture of what the island looks like, what animals and plants are on the island, and how you are going to survive until help arrives.
  2. Imagine that you are an explorer, tracking a never before seen animal through the jungle. What does the animal look like? Add lots of details, such as where the animal lives (in the trees, on the ground, cave, etc.)
  3. Design a new shoe for a famous shoe company. Feel free to include some high-tech gadgets.
  4. Be like Phineas and Ferb, and invent a really cool contraption. What will it do? How will it do it? Why do we need it?
  5. You are a world famous astronaut, and your space shuttle has crash landed on a planet that no one has ever seen before. Draw a picture of what the planet looks like, as well as any inhabitants (aliens) that may come to greet you. What do they look like, as well as what do they eat and where do they live?
  6. Create a flag that represents Lakeview Design Center. Remember that the school mascot is the lion.
  7. Create a drawing of your favorite meal. It can be anything that you want, just make sure to add lots of details.
  8. Become a video game designer and brainstorm a new idea for a video game. Draw out the characters, settings, etc. Add lots of details!
  9. Your family has won the lottery, and you get to design your new house. What will it look like? How many rooms will it have? Draw it out for everyone to see!

Please feel free to use any of this information in your sub plans if you would like. Please know that you should always have a sub folder ready in case you are out unexpectedly. It is a pet peeve of teachers around the world to have to find plans for a sub in the room next door because the teacher didn't leave any.


Danielle said...

Love the list! I just might snag some of those ideas. I too like to have "stand alone" plans in my sub folder, much easier than trying to talk someone through the stages of projects currently going on. Thanks!

Mrs said...

I leave magazine boxes full of sub plans! I guess they are too big to see becase I was accused of not having any plans. Not funny when the big giant head had my pay docked.

Lesson said...

Lesson Depot has Art Lesson Plan Templates: Art Lesson Plan Templates

kszwahl said...

You saved my night! I have used all my lesson plans in my folder and yours will be great for tomorrow.

JEN SPENCE said...

THANK YOU!!!!!!!

JEN SPENCE said...

thank you!!!!!!!

Bea said...

These are great, Janet... this is my first visit to your blog, btw, but I'm preparing to post my own sub lesson plans blog entry soon, and this is going to tie in. My blog is at

Mandy Bean said...

I am a sub and subbing my first time in art. This helps me feel better about taking the job ;) thanks. And backups invade they finish everything early. I doubt it but its good to be prepared ;)