Friday, December 23, 2011

Circle Weaving

My third graders have been circle weaving, and they love it! It is always a fight every year to get them to stop, and throughout the rest of the year, they will ask if they can do another one. This year, I let the students decorate the outer edge of the weavings and explained to the children that they should use colors that they used in the weaving portion. I am still in the process of grading them, but I got a picture of this one, which was super successful!


Mr. E said...

She did do a lovely job on the patterns!!!!!

Donna said...

How is this art medium done? I would love to see instructions for this piece posted. Thank you so much for the beautiful art you post. I live for these blogs & so do my Students! ;))

Janet Malone said...

This is a weaving done on a cardboard circle, such as a pizza round. I cut an odd number of slits around the edge, and the children ran yarn across the loom, sliding the yarn into the slits. The end of the yarn is tied off in the center, and then the yarn that is to be woven into the piece is tied to that. The children follow a very simple pattern around clockwise (over, under, over, under)adding more yarn as needed until most of the cardboard circle is covered. Finally, the students use markers to create patterns around their weaving. I know this is a quick overview, but for a more in depth explanation, check out Mr. E's circle weaving post at