Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sneak Peek!

I have taken an idea from my friend, Ted (Mr. E) and have asked the teachers at my school to create snowmen for a hallway display. I am going to ask the children to guess which teacher made which snowman, and have a prize for the student getting the most answers right. I wasn't sure how many teachers would participate, we have approximately 75 teachers plus staff at our school, but with the holidays, observations, and high stress levels, I only expected maybe 15 snowmen to show up in my mailbox or on my desk. Well, I was totally surprised! As of right now I have 41 snowmen to put up in the hallway, with a few more coming tomorrow. I thought I would give everyone a sneak peek at my snowman, since I think it will be pretty obvious, but once I have the snowmen put up in the hall, I will post pics of the others as well.

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